NPC System In Unreal Engine 5

As a gameplay programmer, I’m interested in crafting complex systems which make the virtual world more immersive. I would like to make a complex NPC system that would include different types of people with different activities which depend on the time of day.

Complex AI in Unreal Engine 5

I’m interested in AIs which can adapt to the player’s input and choices. These AIs can have different types of “intelligence” or “emotions” and should react differently based on the current situation.

Networking In Unreal Engine 5

I’m interested in expanding my networking skills. I’m always impressed by multiplayer games, whether they are open world multiplayer, player vs player or co-op.

VFX in Unreal Engine 5

Visual Effects make the virtual world more immersive and lively. I’m interested in working with them and learning how performance can be influenced by them.

HOPA Game in Unity

Hidden Object Puzzles Adventures introduced me to games. This genre will always be a favorite of mine. I would love developing such a game.