Past Projects

Motion Capture Metaverse Game

Movella would want to challenge students to create a prototype of an immersive full body motion tracking game.

Full-body Pose Recognition Plugin

A full body pose recognition system, implemented in Unreal Engine 5. The system can recognize single poses, sequences or dynamic gestures on multiple body parts.

Xsens MVN Animate offset fix

This article focuses on proposing potential fixes to minimize the position offset received by the Xsens software.

Programming intern at Gamelab Oost

During the internship I worked on two serious games for Cosmos Sterrenwacht. These games were part of an installation which supported the observatory’s exposition about the Sun and the Solar System.

Bill’s Old Pills – Unity

Bill’s Old Pills, the game which was initially made in a custom engine, was remade in Unity 2D. The project includes builds for Windows, WebGL, Mac and Android.


A serious game made in Unity in two months. The game shows the ripple effects that pollution have on bees. In this game the players controls a bee and tries to collect as much pollen as possible before the environment gets destroyed by humans.

Keep ’em Fed

A base-building game, made in three weeks for WebGL with Unity. The application is a serious game which supports a campaign who brings awareness to the food shortages around the world.

Bill’s Old Pills

A student project, made in two weeks in a custom engine provided by the university. The application is an arcade game, played with a custom controller.